Peter Rabbit

Peter Rabbit

DVD - 2018
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Mar 26, 2019

I liked this movie!! Great for families and the scenes shot of London.

Feb 09, 2019

This is Peter Rabbit, next generation. A different story. Animation Great!
Yes, adult may need to give it a chance...

Feb 09, 2019

If you've been an animation fan for as long as we have, watching the evolution of this art form through films like this one is a real treat. Seamless in it's coordination between live characters and the computer generated rabbits. At first the story line came off as schlocky, goofy, almost too corny to watch and in fact one of us almost got up to swap it out to a different film but it's a very good thing we decided to give it a few more minutes to run. We haven't laughed this hard at a film, any film lately so this was a nice change. Suspend believe, go with the site gags and enjoy the almost dark humor at times. Beatrice would have laughed for sure, my wife loves Peter and she laughed as hard as me. It's a film that we will add to our small film library so it can be watched at least once a year for a long time to come.

Jan 28, 2019

The animation was marvelous, but the characters/story did not appeal to me. I don't think Beatrix Potter would recognize this nasty, vindictive rabbit as her Peter Rabbit.

Dec 26, 2018

Blech. The corny just did not work, IMO. Also, the violent and destructive nature of all the characters was horribly dark. If you took the Three Stooges, but made all the characters hate each other and want to murder each other so the physical comedy was downright violent, and not just slapstick, you would have the sensibility of this film. My recommendation is avoid this film. There is a reason this film only got a 57% audience score on Rotten Tomatoes!

Dec 18, 2018

What a great movie, best we've seen in a long time, 2nd time we've borrowed it from the library and it is a real treat....

Nov 23, 2018

A nice little story but it is not Peter Rabbit! Too bad they didn't call it something else like Alex Rabbit or Sam Rabbit teehee

Oct 10, 2018

Fun and entertaining story. The animation is excellent.

Oct 09, 2018

This was a super cute movie! This is a great family-friendly film. The whole family will love this movie! 😜

Sep 24, 2018

The story line was cute and the acting was okay. The biggest plus is the animation-the rabbits looked REAL! Very “furry” looking with movements that looked liked ral bunnies! Very cute!

Aug 27, 2018

Kids will find this movie good but adults may find these rabbits annoying.

Aug 20, 2018

Fun for the whole family (including adults). Laugh out loud funny!

Aug 18, 2018

"Peter Rabbit" (2018 Motion Picture) is a great family movie. We watched it at least twice after checking it out and ended up buying our own copy so we could add it to our DVD library. I highly recommend it!

Aug 14, 2018

My daughter and I watched this and loved it. It is part animation and part live characters. It is based on the Peter Rabbit story with Peter being a little jealous or someone.

Aug 14, 2018


Aug 12, 2018

I checked this out because it looked cute and funny with the mix of live action and animation. Parts of it were funny, and other parts about a romance. It was an ok movie but I don't think I'd watch it again.

I watched this movie in teatheres i must had forgotten to write down i started watching the dvd from your colelction today this movie is good i remeber i watchedt he cartoon from my costin i barrowed from her in 2004 and 2005 it's funny how he says it's a lipstick it lip bun everyone laughed me kind of in teatheres i saaid what this song remines me now the music video on t.v a how he fell the kids laughed when they saw his butt we laughed too one aldy laughed wehn he ponched his beard and screamed and the bunny ddi too everyone laughed how the rabbits Winked there eyes when a lady asked him has he been meading That seem funny to people a lady laughed at her pantings i was like wow ok and i said that was from the carton movie and i am very sure we had a book of it too a very longtime ago and i said in teather he killed your my brother said i didn't know i said they laughed when 1 rabbit said sorry about dad's jacket the other said i said i'm sorry you lost dads jacket and she thats i just said yeah coming from the oldest it just means morethe yellow one said when he fell i said did he die or or falll he died my brother said the people laughed when he touched his eye thats pritty conclusive they laughed my brother jumped when he said i did it we watched it twice and he said he is in a better place that ice cream truck with the flashing lights everyone laughed in the teathere evan me and my brother it was a bambolance that was very funny people laughed how much he ate and ther the seem to try when a porupine asked if the pig wants more orders he said maybe just one then he eat all of it on the plate a lady laughed she said dumb pig i laughed too i thought he was playing by himslef but had a music along with to play when he asked a lady to take him there she started talking to him he told her to not to talk to him one lady said how rode and hiw they shade a fix skin and a buny jumped she cracked a rib he asked how meny ribs she has left they 13 she said no way sweet people laughed me too and my brother then she jumped again they laughed when a bunny said you will rosted what i could't desie for hiding your quills are staunding me they laughed that he tryed to hide himslef by being on the table with diffrent things everyone laughed they laughed when Mr M pullled a sheet he seen a pig he screamed and the pig did too and a deer said hear lights by looking at the truck people laughed i did a little but when a Rouster said cackadoole do the sun came up again everyone laughed i laughed the hardest it said i thought i close my eyes that would be it but we have another day of this i didn't seee home outside his house in theares people laughed and the fox rushed holding himself in wanting to me naked everwhen he pulled a long piece of fur a lady said oh my god laughing they laughed when she said thats not very normal whlie

Jul 28, 2018

Based on the books by Beatrix Potter, Peter Rabbit and his team of rebellious rabbits face an ongoing battle in Mr. McGregor's vegetable garden. I love the way they played the song we speak no americano while the irritating rabbits were causing harm. When one of McGregor’s relatives inherits his house, he discovers a family of rabbits in his home. A battle begins between McGregor's relative and the rabbits. The battle escalates when they fight for the rival of affections of McGregor’s neighbour who is an animal lover. This movie is such a great family movie, but there are some violent scenes that may scare younger audiences, so I would recommend parent guidance. The animals are so cute that they nearly looked real. There’s never a dull moment. This film should entertain all ages. 4/5 Stars.
@janmorrow1225 of the Hamilton Public Library Teen Review Board

Peter is just a happy rabbit that lives in a garden alongside his family, on the property of a man named Mr. McGregor. After McGregor’s relative moves in, he becomes eager to evacuate Peter Rabbit and his family. Peter is rambunctious and determined as he gets into a constant battle with the homeowners while protecting his family and doing what he believes is right. This film is a cartoon/live action with the humans played by actors, and the rabbits played by CGI. The movie is fairly entertaining and humorous enough for children to enjoy. I would rate this movie 3/5 stars and recommend it for a family movie night-in.
@The_Reviewer of the Teen Review Board of the Hamilton Public Library

Peter Rabbit puts a fresh, modern spin on Beatrix Potter’s The Tale of Peter Rabbit. This film is about Peter, a rabbit, who loves the fresh vegetables in Mr. McGregor’s garden; however, Peter can be a little reckless resulting in many near-death situations in the garden. One day, Mr. McGregor dies of a sudden heart attack and Thomas McGregor, his relative, inherits Mr. McGregor's house (and his distaste for rabbits!). A rift forms between Peter Rabbit and Thomas McGregor and soon they begin to try and eradicate each other. Through their war, the importance of friendship, family, and apologizing for mistakes are learned. This movie is a fun, humorous, and light-hearted. The woodland animals in this movie are voiced by an acclaimed cast who add life, personality, and endearing qualities to the characters. All around, Peter Rabbit is an amazing, wholesome retelling of Beatrix Potter’s classic tale. Rating: 4/5
@maroonmouse of the Teen Review Board of the Hamilton Public Library

Jul 27, 2018

Awesome movie. I enjoyed every second of it. The book was wonderful too. I love the different personalities and how they all work together. The movie has a great ending and it has so much humor.

Jul 23, 2018

A lovely film that is as delightful to look at as it is to watch. Be prepared for lots of giggles and "aahs" when enjoying this pretty little tale. A very sweet DVD worth watching.

Jul 23, 2018

This Movie Looks Very Sweet And Loving Too & I Always Wanted To See This Movie

Charming and sweet, mostly. Sometimes rather nasty. Overall, it's a load of fun and those rabbits look so real I forgot they were CGI.

Jul 13, 2018

Very cute, but the humor seems mostly directed at adults. I suppose little children will like the messes the rabbits make and the slapstick, but this in not really what I think of as a children's movie. If a 60+ year old knows all the words to the songs in the score, it just isn't a hip soundtrack.

Jul 06, 2018

Charming, competent cast, charming animation, brilliant sets, terrible writing and worse music. Why?

Young MacGregor is a competent violinist, a fact we learn early in the film and which prompted expectations of rapturous classical music to accompany this playful romp in Bea Potter's famous Lake District. No chance. The usual idiots decided kids don't get enough skank-ho co-dependant whining in grocery chains so here we go again.

Disney famously and brilliantly adapted classical plots and classical music but that's over, apparently. It feels as if there is a vast portion of education missing from producers' experience, so they have nothing of quality on which to draw.

Could have been SO ooooo much better.

Jul 04, 2018

Cute and funny. Very entertaining. Definitely enjoyed this movie.

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