The Kill Order

The Kill Order

Book - 2012 | 1st ed
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"Mark struggles to make sense of his new, post-disaster world in this prequel to The Maze Runner"-- Provided by publisher.
Publisher: New York : Delacorte Press, c2012
Edition: 1st ed
ISBN: 9780385742887
Branch Call Number: Y DAS
Characteristics: 329 p. ; 22 cm


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This book was good at describing the before the Mazerunner series,
but personally i found it boring compared to the other books,

Aug 06, 2020

The Kill Order by James Dashner is a very exciting book in The Maze Runner series. The book starts off in a condition that we know very well today as quarantine. Many people in the book are living in the woods or their own encampments and are staying as far away from the city as possible. The Flare, as the disease is called, is a very contagious disease that causes people to lose brain function and go crazy. There are many characters in this book, and they all have completely different personalities from each other, and the entire storyline just seems like they are barely living in their environment. Will they survive the test of time or will they drown to the Flare like their friends…? There’s only one way to find out.

Jul 08, 2020

I really thought that this would be better than The Death Cure. Dashner had so much history to work with- the sun flares, the beginning of the virus... and instead of focusing on one and really fleshing it out, he tried to do both and failed. Instead of a prequel duology, he really could have gone with a trilogy- but, no, he chose to stick the end of the world with the sun flares into nightmare flashbacks, and tackle the virus in the present. The resulting story is clunky and forced. We don't get enough time with the characters to care about them as they are picked off one at a time. Oh no, that Darnell guy that we knew for 2 minutes! I'm so sad! We don't even know that much about Mark and Alec to care very much about them, and they are the main characters. They survived so many fights and so much ridiculousness that I was literally laughing out loud by the end of the book. Every other page was a fight where Mark got hit in the head, or got the wind knocked out of him, or suffered some injury that should have floored or killed him. There are two separate occasions where Mark is hanging off the outside of the Berg (large helicopter type thing) and fighting a Crank for his life, and he actually comments on it- that he can't believe this ridiculous thing has happened to him twice. Me neither, Mark. Me neither. All of the fight scenes ran together, and there were so many of them that I just started skimming them.
Their spiral into insanity is believable, as is the amount of Cranks (infected people) and what they are capable of. The story is ok. It's harsh, and real, and devastating, so that part I can roll with. Their ultimate goal (getting Deedee to safety) is also a noble and believable one, if a little more selfless than I think we would see with folks in this situation. All in all, it was ok, if a little repetitive and disappointing, and only worth a read if you're going for completion of the series.

Jun 26, 2020

this book is great and I highly suggest it. Many things that James Dashner wrote in this book are crazy close to events that are happening now. It freaked me out when I read it and how close it was to present events. You should read this book

Feb 20, 2020

I was really looking forward to reading the prequel, but this book was so disappointing. the quality of this book compared to the rest of the series just wasn't up to par. First of all definitely was not expecting it to be about different people and just didn't really feel attached to the main characters. In the end I didn't even finish the book.

Feb 20, 2019

If you love Theresa so much, you'd put up with anything this book is for you. If you skip this book and you won't miss anything and you will likely have a better review of the series. I'm not sure how this book made it into the series - the quality of the writing is much less than the others. The characters are very typical of a mediocre YA novel which is made worse by the presence of a dominant supporting character (Alec) being a quintessential "Hoorah" military veteran. Women are less skilled and less intelligent and although this book is not sexist, it is far from the level playing field the other novels were. Not last, but I don't want to rant, is the need to constantly tap into the tank of the willingness to suspend disbelief. There are simply way too many times that Mark and Alec should have killed and yet they walk away on to the next battle, with nothing but a bruise or a few moments of unconsciousness.

Sep 24, 2018

I preferred the original "Maze Runner" series to this prequel, as I had high hopes for this book and it fell very short. This book took a long time for me to finish reading, about 2 weeks, when I read all 3 original "Maze Runner" books in 1 and a half weeks. The reason it took me so long to read is simple: "The Kill Order" didn't captivate me like the other three books did. I don't think that the plot was as well thought out for this book as for the others, and it had too much action. Having some action is good, and it is of course required for a series such as this one, but this specific book just had too much of it. As well, even though it was extremely action-packed, "The Kill Order" seemingly moved at a very slow pace. I personally prefer medium-paced and medium-action books rather than having these two qualities off-balance.

However, one part I did like about this book that I personally think is better than in the others in this series is the dreams/flashbacks that Mark has. I found it interesting to read those parts, because they were at a good pace and were intriguing.

Jan 03, 2017


DBRL_KrisA Nov 26, 2016

When I started reading the book, I kept waiting for the characters from the original trilogy to show up. Who are these people, Mark and Trina? Where's Thomas and the other Gladers? Of course, if I'd just read the book jacket, I'd have realized that this is a prequel; all the events in this book happen long before the Maze Runner events.

I really enjoyed the original trilogy, but didn't care for this one as much. It seems like Dashner's whole plan for this book was to throw Mark and the others into crisis scenario after crisis scenario. And so much violence, especially after the virus starts making everyone go crazy. So, not just protecting-our-territory violence, but crazy, smashing-someone's-head-into-a-wall-because-why-not violence. Over and over again.
The book does have some redeeming qualities: we get to find out what happened right after the solar flares that started the whole thing, for instance. And Mark and Trina's kinda sorta romance is sweet.

Nov 13, 2016

I really enjoyed this book! The Kill Order acts as a prequel to The Maze Runner, far before the maze. It consists of completely different characters, and focuses on the “flare”. I would definitely recommend that you read this book after The Maze Runner books, in order to have a full appreciation for the plot. Although it is quite separate from the Maze Runner stories, aside from the “flare”, there is, however, one little tie in that I absolutely loved! If you read the book, by the end you will know what I mean! I was very excited about this development! I highly recommend that any Maze Runner fans read this book! I think that the details in the story will add to your understanding and enjoyment of the series altogether! @PenelopeScriptor of the Teen Review Board at the Hamilton Public Library

The Kill order by James Dashner was quite frankly the best novel i've read in the entirety of my life. I say this because I believe that the author (James Dashner) did a superb job of pumping up the readers and exciting them every step of the way, especially in the action scenes . My favourite part was when the Mark,Alec,Lana and Trina went into the city of the infected but this part was very dark and brutal, especially when they are being chased by the people that were infected by the darts. I felt terror and anticipation at the same time while reading this part of the novel because there is so much action going. There was so much action going on I felt as if I was watching an action movie at the cinema. Another thing I really enjoyed about the novel was that the author did not use next level sophisticated words which is good because if he did the dialogs and the content would be less interesting to readers if they saw words they were unfamiliar with or could not pronounce properly on the other hand he didn't use simply words that make the readers feel like children. Another thing that found really interesting about this novel was its title and the front cover. When I saw the front cover of this novel it caught me right away with a captivating cover. The cover read in big bold letters ’’THE KILL ORDER’’ it caught my attention right away, the background image was also captivating, everything was on fire ! even the sky was engulfed in flames. The title of the book is very clever, the PFC ordered that all the survivors of the sun flares were to be killed with a virus that they had created via darts. After I read that part of the book the titel made so much sense. One of my other favourite part of the book was when Mark was searching through the PFC’s secret files and he would a folder titled…….. ‘’The kill order’’.
I would 100% recommend that you guys read this book because it has everything to action,mystery,horror and even a little bit of romance in the beginning. @book_monster of the Hamilton Public Library Teen Review Board

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Aug 13, 2019

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Jan 19, 2019

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Aug 27, 2018

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Jun 21, 2016

Reyna_Avila_Grace thinks this title is suitable for between the ages of 13 and 17

Peter Salmon
Jun 10, 2016

Peter Salmon thinks this title is suitable for between the ages of 9 and 99

May 19, 2015

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Mar 22, 2017

Violence: Lots of violence

Jun 21, 2016

Violence: The entire book is him fighting. Not extremely gory descriptions but I wouldn't recommend it for under 12

Jan 23, 2015

Other: Fancyness Dashner is Fancy

Apr 15, 2013

Violence: the whole book is violence

Dimmu16 Sep 13, 2012

Violence: A lot of Violence. But you can`t write a book about the end of the world without Violence.


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Aug 10, 2015

An amazing book that i recomend to others. Even though its not the best at the start it gets way better in the end.

Dimmu16 Sep 13, 2012

Follows the story of How Mark and Trina survived the Sun Flares and a year later where they are now faced with The Flare.


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Aug 10, 2015


irish505050 Jun 05, 2015

"What virus do you think it is anyway"-Mark the kill order

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