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Hamlet is a playwright tragedy written by William Shakespeare. The story is about how Prince Hamlet copes with his fathers death. One night he is visited by the ghost of his father, King Hamlet. King Hamlet tells Hamlet that he was murdered by his uncle Claudius, King Hamlet’s brother. The reason why the ghost visited was to tell Hamlet to avenge his fathers death. Before this encounter, Hamlet had already been feeling sad, depressed, and alone, but now he has someone to blame. Hamlet is definitely Shakespeare’s masterpiece, and it is also the play that made me understand him better as writer. The whole play is commonly noted as confusing as it is hard to understand why Hamlet does the things he does. However, if you take the time to analyze and really try to get into Hamlet’s states of mind, you will be able to figure him out. I would definitely recommend you read this novel if you are into Shakespeare’s novels, or thinking about reading it. There is no other story that is even comparable to Hamlet. Overall, if I had to rate this play, I would rate it five out of five stars. @SapphireReads of the Hamilton Public Library Teen Review Board

For teenagers like myself, we are usually forced to read Shakespeare and can only attempt to decipher what on earth the characters could be trying to say. However, Hamlet was different. Hamlet is about a young prince who is ordered by his late father to avenge his spirit by killing his uncle, who is the king. However, Shakespeare writes Hamlet’s decent into insanity so smoothly, that even you will not realize it until the very end. This play uses a lot of riddles and clever wordplay, and if you don’t read with an analytical eye, then you might just miss it. The only thing I did not like was the “play” format that it was written in, but that is just a personal preference and may be completely fine to others. All in all, I would rate this play an 8/10.
@Sonorous of the Hamilton Public Library Teen Review Board

One thing I like most about Hamlet is that it didn't hesitate to jump right into the action (ironic to the protagonist himself). With other plays of this iconic historical figure, I felt like things were dragged on in terms of details and plot. Despite Hamlet never taking action, in this play stuff still happens around him (to keep the story moving). I felt the emotions behind Ophelia's suffering, the pity for Laertes, and countless relatable moments. This is foretold to be one of Shakespeare's best works, and I agree, it definitely didn't disappoint.
@Siri of the Teen Review Board of the Hamilton Public Library

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