Hamlet By Shakespeare, William Book - 2008 | Modern Library pbk. ed

The play Hamlet, is a classic tragedy written by the famed poet, William Shakespeare. Hamlet is about a young prince named Hamlet who seeks to avenge his father’s death by manipulating those around him and his uncle, Claudius. Throughout this play, there are many different themes present, and I found insanity and revenge to be two very prevalent messages. I found this play to be slightly boring in the very beginning, however, I do find that the events pick up closer towards the middle of the play. I did indeed read this for school, and while I am a fan of Shakespeare’s other work, I didn’t find this play to be my cup of tea. I would rate this play 2.5/5.
- @TheCuriousBookworm of The Hamilton Public Library's Teen Review Board

This is one of, if not the greatest play ever written. Shakespeare isn’t respected as a master of language and poetry for nothing – this, among some of his other works, is a masterpiece. Hamlet is a fantastical play who’s characters and acts are so three dimensional they will being to appear in your real life months after reading, or seeing the play. If you put aside how it may be frustrating that the protagonist is so very flawed, this masterpiece is breathtaking, and will leave a lasting imprint on you. This is a must read.
- @FalcoLombardi of the Teen Review Board at the Hamilton Public Library

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