Seraphina offers a unique take on the dragon genre. In Rachel Hartman's fantasy series, dragons have the ability to transform their giant scaly bodies into human form, where they can walk, talk and interact with the humans of Goredd as scholars and doctors. A tenuous peace between the dragons and humans has been maintained for last 40 years. But despite the peace, Seraphina still must hide who she is. As half dragon-half human her very existence is a danger to herself and her family as interbreeding between humans and dragons is taboo to the point of heresy. But as turmoil draws near and enemies on both sides of the fight threaten to overturn the peace, Seraphina may be the only one who can understand both sides and bring them together.

Serephina is a practical and clever character with an incredible music ability. Her dark secret causes her to maintain a low-profile while living in the Queen's court, acting as a musician's assistant and providing lessons to the Princess. However, as events transpire, Seraphina is forced to slowly enter the spotlight to protect the people, and dragons, that she loves.

Recommended to lovers of fantasy, steam-punk, and strong female characters.

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