Seraphina tells the story of a young women with a terrible secret that keeps her secluded and withdrawn. But despite the warnings, Seraphina's exceptional musical talent can't help but be noticed by many. She finds herself soon amid a troubled political climate as humans and dragons struggle over their alliance.
The narrative moves at a luxurious pace compared to other books of a similar genre, drawing focus on the internal exposition of Seraphina. Descriptions of character and culture and particularly well-thought out and each character feels distinct and believable in their world.
That being said, for me this book moved too slowly, and felt a chore to read for the majority of it. My biggest gripe is the type of dragon the author has imagined. Methodical, calculating and utterly devoid of emotion, these dragons are more akin to automatons than the typical brash, fire-breathing monsters (that arguably make them fun and exciting). This is a personal preference, of course. I like stories where dragons can be friendly, but I also like them loud and proud.

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