This novel is told from the view point of three main characters. The story begins with Bird, a Wendat warbearer, killing the family of Snow Falls a haudenosaunee girl. He does this as retribution for the killing of his own family some time earlier. He abducts her and keeps her as a replacement daughter. He also aquires a missionary named Christophe who is one of the other viewpoints.
Eventually Snow Falls either suffering from Stokholm syndrome or PTSD finally accepts her new fate, and resigns her self to her new life. She eventually meets a boy and falls in love, starting her own family. Christophe is constantly trying to find more converts to the 'great voice' He is eventually joined by two other missionaries, Gabriel and Isaac, who suffers from infirmaty after being tortured by the Haudenosaunee.
Bird is a war bearer for the entire story, suffering with the loss of his original family. He is constantly trying to replace them with a new family. He does seem to love Snow Falls, despite how he made her his daughter.
The culmination of the book occurs when the Haundenosaunee become tired of being attacked by the Wendat and decide to destroy them and the Mission once and for all. Bird eventually finds the new family that he seeks.

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