Fifteen Dogs
Fifteen Dogs An Apologue By Alexis, André Book - 2015 | First edition

Lots to tease your brain in this one. I enjoyed finding the dogs’ names in the poems & enjoyed the characters of many of the dogs. Friends in my book club said the author did a great job reading this as an audiobook so I’m now listening to it & enjoying it all over again - have definitely found a new author to read more of.
All that being said, I was disappointed in how Alexis got a couple of things really wrong with regard to dog breeds (& one thing with regard to biology & chemistry)....& much of what happens in the pack seems highly unlikely. Suspending disbelief was a struggle (I know, I know - it starts with Hermes & Apollo in the Wheat Sheaf! but still, the rest is supposed to be something that might really happen....)
SPOILERS: beagles, being hounds, eat EVERYTHING - no way would a beagle be the one to lead the pack to a “death garden”, having previously avoided them himself. And no way would the amount of warfarin in traps designed to kill mice be enough to kill a beagle. Just a couple of quibbles - but I also found it unbelievable that the dogs were so violent. Still, an enjoyable read/listen overall.

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