Modern Romance
Modern Romance By Ansari, Aziz Audiobook CD - 2015 | Unabridged

Author & narrator Aziz Ansari digs a little deeper to figure out what drives relationship behaviors. From committed, monogamous couples to playful, roving singles, he covers about every type of person/couple & the issues they face when pursing a love interest. He begins by portraying the typical dating fashion & needs of the men & women of the 1940s & 50s. Moving forward to present day, a completely different picture is painted on what men & women need & want in a relationship. Even the methods of how we pursue our search for a potential mate is COMPLETELY differnt. Ansari explores the many tools of technology society uses to assist in their quest for love & their pros/cons in the eventually relationship. He explores the difference in relationships in different cultures by visiting 3 different countries outside of the US: Japan, Brazil, & France.

I may have set myself up to give this book a lower rating than what I might have rated it had I had an idea of what this book was really about. I chose this book solely for the author, Aziz Ansari, thinking it was more about him than about the topic of love in different cultures & in the past & present. Had I read the brief narrative regarding what the book was about, I may not have chosen to pick this one up. However, enough of Ansari's personality came out in the writing & in his narration that I can say I'm glad I gave the rest of the book a chance past Chapter 1. It was pretty fascinating to dissect the effects of modern technology as it is being used in finding a potential girlfriend/boyfriend. I also found the comparisons between typical relationships in the different countries quite interesting. I would recommend reading this book if you enjoy Aziz's type of personality & comedy or if you find the topic of love & relationships of interest.

Age recommendation: 18 & up (references to masterbation, infidelity, open relationships, homo/hetero-sexual intercourse, lots of profanity used very casually)

On a scale of 1-10 stars, I give it 6.

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