Lord of the Flies
Lord of the Flies By Golding, William Book - 2011 | Paperback edition

Lord of the Flies impacted me more when I read it in school than on rereading. When I read it first, I wasn't much older than the children of the book. I empathized with them more and could relate to them. I even remember liking some of the characters. As an adult, I can see that Golding wasn't just telling the story of children surviving on a deserted island, but was actually condemning human nature, and discussing what would happen in an anarchist state. It is bleak an an argument that I don't entirely agree with, but it is worth reading this classic argument. In his book, no character is "good", all of the boys are flawed in some key way that ultimately grows in their situation, causing things to grow worse, reinforcing these negative traits. It is a unique experience to reread the book as an adult, and I would encourage others to do so. It was much more interesting on rereading than on my initial read through.

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