Grunt The Curious Science of Humans at War By Roach, Mary Book - 2016 | First edition

I really don't think anything will beat Stiff, but I do love Mary Roach and her writing anyway. Grunt is in turns gritty, informational, funny, off kilter, and somber.

I wish wholeheartedly that she narrated her own audiobooks. I enjoy listening to her talks, and think her wry tone would have translated better than the narrator they used (she was good, but not Mary Roach good).

Some parts left me a bit on the squeamish side, but in any Mary Roach book, there will be something that does. As usual, it was another great blend of unexpected information (MR "rabbit holes" are not the same as my own!), eye openers and humor.

Cheryl_in_IT's rating:
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