Buried Heart is the fast-paced, intriguing conclusion to The Court of Fives series. Continuing from where Poisoned Blade leaves off, the story follows Jessamy, who has come to the point where she must choose what is best for Efea. Her decisions are crucial for bringing about the justice that Efeans have long been waiting for. It is a challenge for Jessamy to determine where her loyalties lie; she may have to go against her own heart and be willing to sacrifice her relationships. Themes pertaining to war, revolution and loyalty are demonstrated through several events and characters in the story. Satisfyingly, the falling action and ending help to lighten the tense mood created by all the blood-spill and hatred. Overall, Buried Heart combines fantasy, love, violence, and bravery in a way that makes it an effective tale, compelling the reader to turn each page with increased interest! 4.5/5 Stars
- @VirtueofReading of the Teen Review Board of the Hamilton Public Library

This series is the only place that I will ever cheer for a Spider. (I dislike such creatures.) Truthfully, the protagonist has an amazing narrative with so much content. Issues with family matters, political scandals and lies, traps and mazes... all spin in an exquisite web to tangle her up. However, she is not your typical character in which she can play the court, not just the game. I don't really like how the romance spun out here, but I guess the conclusion was just satisfying enough to give closure. For a trilogy, I would say that Kate Elliot did a pretty good job combining a nice mix of spins and curves. 
- @Siri of the Teen Review Board of the Hamilton Public Library

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