What a beautiful book! Even apart from content, the book is weighty and uses fine quality glossy paper the better to display the art illustrations within. It is a pleasure to hold and to behold. In a day when we are getting farther away from printed matter, it is an unexpected treat to find a book of such quality. For older readers, there is a definite tactile pleasure to picking up an actual book that ebooks, however versatile and useful, will never offer.

Leonardo DaVinci was a true Renaissance man. Everything interested him, particularly as each piece if knowledge impacted the other knowledge he already possessed. He is well known for his intellectual curiosity, and we would probably see his name attached to any number of scientific procedures, laws, and truisms, had he been less loathe to publish his work. A true visionary, he made observations and predictions based on very primitive science that were proven many years later to be, and named after later scholars who did publish their work.
DaVinci's ability to observe things in the most minute of detail was impressive. And his imagination knew few boundaries. What an interesting conversationalist he must have been!
Isaacson is clearly a fan, and gives us a portrait of a man worth admiring. He might have been better served to draw DaVinci in slightly less glowing terms, but DaVinci was an impressive man a f it is tough not to be an eager fan.

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