Blue Moon
Blue Moon Jack Reacher Series, Book 24 By Child, Lee eBook - 2019

This is a far-fetched book about Ukrainian and Albanian mobs, health insurance and hospital costs, computer startups and fake news. Adding Reacher only made it worse. Once he was a strong, terse loner, now he's a chatty remorseless killer with growing superpowers--a clock in his head (but his dogged integrity is gone), a photographic memory, instantaneous reaction time, and accelerated thought processes. He used to physically subdue an impressive number of assailants. Now he mostly shoots them with uncanny marksmanship--all the more remarkable because he doesn't own any guns and killing appears to be the only practice he gets.

Pitted against this paragon, the bad guys are ludicrous caricatures--pathetic, bumbling, and dumb. It is sad to see the evolution of Child's style from what years ago was riveting and spare to sloppy drivel.

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