Blue Moon
Blue Moon By Child, Lee Book - 2019 | First edition

4 stars. I have to tell you how much I love Lee Child's Jack Reacher series. I thought this was a good escapist read, but a bit too cinematic to me, kind of read like one of those action movies where someone gets killed in a gruesome way every 5 minutes or so. That being said, I did enjoy the escapism. Jack gets off the bus in a new town and immediately meets an old man with a big problem. He owes a lot of money to gangster loan sharks. Reacher gets involved in helping the old man and his wife and becomes aware that the city is "owned" by two different mobs, one Albanian and one Ukrainian. Being Reacher, he can't stay on the sidelines and much mayhem ensues. A bit far fetched at times, I still enjoyed the read, a good escape during a pandemic.

I have to mention that I really didn't like the way Reacher's character seems to be changing for the worst with this book.

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