Ambush By Patterson, James Book - 2018 | First edition

Michael Bennett is my favorite character of the dozens Patterson and his cohorts . . . er, co-writers have created. In Ambush the disconnect between the two authors is painfully evident. The 9.5 Bennett books in which Patterson paired with Michael Ledwidge were infinitely better.

Ambush has too much irrelevant dialog painfully repeated. Yes we know Michael Bennett loves and adores his family. We do not need to be treated to the description of it every time he walks in his front door or sits down to a family dinner. That said, a wonderful new character, who I certainly hope continues to have a big supporting role has been introduced: Father Alonzo Garcia, a terrifically interesting priest!

Patterson and Born left the story open to further interaction with both of Ambush's female protagonists, one of whom purports to be on the right side of the law. We'll see.

There is an additional Michael Bennett bonus story, Manhunt included in the book. I don't know which of the two authors wrote it, but it is definitely a better Michael Bennett than Ambush

3.5 stars for Ambush. JP, please get Michael Ledwidge back as your Bennett co-author.
4.5 stars for Manhunt

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