I'm not sure what the main plot of 'The Boy from the Woods' is, even as I finished it. There are so many dangling plot lines and red herrings that it feels incomplete. Is the story about a bullied girl, the classmates who bully her, the now adult 'boy from the woods', political intrigue, past crimes? Confusingly, it all those and a few more.

I have to assume, and I think I'm hoping, this is the beginning of a Wilde and Hester Crimstein series that will eventually tie some of the loose ends of their back stories and other puzzles together.

The puzzles are what make it work, as opposed to action that it's lacking.

I actually think with a different title and some changed details, 'The Boy from the Woods' could have been a story starring Win ("Articulate") from the Myron Bolitar series, but Wilde is a confused and yet resourceful guy. I'd read another book with him in it, but I'd read another Harlan Coben book anyway.

Once again I'm in the position of recommending people read any other book by an author before they judge him on this one.

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