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Barsby made a comment Oct 06 2018
Bye bye Germany
DVD - 2018
"Could only give this MOW 15 minutes." Permalink
Barsby made a comment Jul 21 2018
Phantom Thread
DVD - 2018
"I get why people think this movie is slow with no worthy plot, it is! It is definitely not for everyone. If you liked AGE OF INNOCENCE - you won't mind the pacing of this film at all. I also get why this stylized film is faithful to its goal of p..." Permalink
Barsby made a comment May 19 2018
Blu-ray Disc - 2014
"Engaging and passionate -- definitely worth your time. Recommend." Permalink
Barsby made a comment May 12 2018
The Florida Project
DVD - 2018
"This was a meandering slice of life film about children who make the most of the sad cards (parents) they're dealt with in life. It's a gritty reality show in comparison to STAND BY ME. However, both films share similar qualities; they beautifull..." Permalink
Barsby liked a comment by
May 05 2018
Big Game
DVD - 2015
"Fun movie you needn't take seriously enough to criticize." Permalink
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