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racing14 made a comment Oct 02 2018
"A tragic part of history. A well researched and written book that kept me engaged from the beginning. Incredible strength and bravery on display by all these women. A great book club selection." Permalink
racing14 made a comment Sep 10 2018
"Makes a great book club selection. Extremely thought provoking and will spark lots of discussion and raises many questions about ethics, extreme situations and who should be accountable." Permalink
racing14 rated a title Sep 10 2018
racing14 made a comment May 29 2018
"The author has a great way of telling a story with multiple characters playing an important role and slowly unfolding the pieces. He sets up the story beautifully. Each character has their own struggles and defining moment. Makes a great bookclub..." Permalink
racing14 created a list Dec 30 2017
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