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Stress Management Through Mindfulness

"Stress may be inevitable, but it doesn't have to take over your life. Mindfulness is an easy way to better manage your stress and live in the present."
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Aug 08 2019
"This is the kind of quirky book that readers will either love or hate. It will be most appreciated by those who read for depth of character development rather than for plot. Hulu already has a TV show based on the novel in the works, but it feel..." Permalink
brinyurchin made a comment Aug 08 2019
"Great writing; Rooney’s writing is spare and evocative. Gets a bit repetitive toward the end ; but that is probably intentional. I was taken in by the book; but can also understand some of the negative reviews. It’s been hailed as a perfect exampl..." Permalink
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brinyurchin made a comment May 11 2019
"I ended up buying this book. Very good reference: clear writing and directions." Permalink
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