Sep 16, 2019sheepsheets rated this title 2 out of 5 stars
I had been trying to hold back judgement of this series until finishing it (and rated the first two more generously giving them the benefit of doubt), but I found this series ultimately lacking. After slogging through this book that felt more than 200 pages too long for all that happened, I was frustrated by a number of things-- the focus is divided between too many characters and every storyline suffers because of it. The need for almost every character to have a love interest further detracted from the quality, to the point where I couldn't bring myself to care about any of the relationships. Though I can appreciate the attempt at representation, it wasn't executed as effectively as it could have been since the attention was so scattered. Because so much time was dedicated to romantic pining, other seemingly significant events passed by without much note. This series is at its best when showcasing more of the Shadowhunter world, such as some of the Shadowhunter laws and inner workings, the time spent in Faerie and a bit of what the Wild Hunt is like, but even then there are failings (i.e. something being portrayed as a huge deal only to be cleared up neatly without much explanation). If you're dying for more content this series may be worth it for you, particularly because it involves past beloved characters, but in the end I found The Dark Artifices to be a waste of time.