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Aug 04, 2020RebelBelle13 rated this title 3.5 out of 5 stars
I'm unsure how to rate this book, as it's much better than the previous two (The Kill Order and The Death Cure) but still not as good as it could have been. I like it because we finally get answers to a lot of our questions about how the maze was built, who was behind it all, and what the kids were like before being inserted into the maze, not to mention a little bit of their backstories. I love books that lift the curtain, but at the same time, I'm a little disappointed at what I see there. The whole mapping-the-brain-to-find-a-cure thing still makes zero sense, and Thomas keeps trusting everyone when he really, really shouldn't. There's not enough of the nitty-gritty build that I wanted to see- the building of the glade, the planting of the trees, the placing of the walls, Thomas overseeing the patterns in the maze walls, even watching the plaque being added from the first book would have been a nice touch. Not only that, we don't see a whole lot of the boys after they are inserted into the maze- just a few key scenes here and there- and we don't see ANY of the girl's group. What does their maze look like? How are they dealing with the maze and the glade and the grievers? He never even shows it. There's a twist at the end which is slightly predictable, but still decent, and really kind of changes the whole series and how you view a certain character. All in all, it was entertaining and better than some other entries in The Maze Runner series, but compared to other dystopians, it was still a 'meh'.