Aug 20, 2020
Things Fall Apart is a story about Okonkwo and how his village in Nigeria was impacted by the arrival of white people. Okonkwo’s father was a lazy person that left debts and eventually died in a shameful way, so Okonkwo tried to be the opposite of his father. Instead of being gentle and caring, Okonkwo was controlling and dominant to his family. Throughout the book, Oknokwo is seen being violent towards his wives and others. For example, he beat his youngest wife during the week of peace because she did not prepare food for her children and instead went to go braid hair with her friend. As the story progresses, the influence of the white missionaries start to become more prevalent. The people around Okonkwo became enamored with the changes the missionaries were making, even though Okonkwo did not see them as improvements. I think this story is interesting. It depicts another culture that I did not have much exposure to before reading this story. I read this story in ninth grade, and I thought it was a pretty good book with a striking moral and meaning.