Aug 31, 2020leejuliet rated this title 4 out of 5 stars
In Between Shades of Gray, Lina and her family are forced to leave Lithuania and are dragged into a camp car with other people, which was headed towards a prison camp in the wilderness. There, her father was executed, while she and her mother were obliged to perform tasks for the soldiers with barely any food. Lina persistently used her dexterity to try and pass on messages or clues to reach her father, in hopes that her family would be reunited. As time went by, she and many other prisoners were moved again to a cold and isolated platform, leading to deaths of hundreds. This story has such a well-written outline and teaches about the Stalin occupation in Lithuania. It was so sad to read about what the captives had to endure, and the pain they faced while seeing their loved ones die. Normally, I would recommend good books to everyone, but this historical fiction had many violent references and inappropriate scenes, so I would recommend this to people around 13 and up. Really good story!