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Feb 07, 2021BARosen1112 rated this title 3.5 out of 5 stars
Well written but ultimately uninspired, forgettable tale of a person who is afflicted with a condition that causes him, upon entering puberty, to age very slowly - it takes him about 15 years to show one year of age, meaning he never appears to be aging to his contemporaries. This causes accusations of witchcraft in his earliest centuries, and makes him a potential target of nefarious organizations. As the novel opens, our 480 year old hero (who looks to be in his early 40s) has just taken a job as an English teacher in contemporary London. From there, he flashes back and forth from key moments in his early life - that is, the first 350-ish years - and we see how those early experiences relate to his contemporary life. At the same time, he has been recruited to do missions for the Albatross Society, which is composed of other similarly slow-aging persons, and he is trying to find his daughter, for whom he has been searching for close to 400 years. Not so much a time-travel novel as it is about a man who has lived a long, sad life. Lots of people really liked this one according to Goodreads, but I wasn't one of them. It's being made into a move starring Benedict Cumberbatch, I understand.