Maximum Ride

the Angel Experiment
May 11, 2021TEENREVIEWBOARD rated this title 4 out of 5 stars
Maximum Ride is what she and her flock have coined ‘Avian American’. In more scientific terms, she’s a bird/human hybrid: born in a lab and experimented on relentlessly for the majority of her childhood years. Max has wings, and she’s not the only one. There are five others just like her, and together they comprise ‘the flock’. But there are other successful genetic blends out there; wolf/man hybrids called Erasers. And after the Erasers abduct Angel, the youngest flock member, Max will stop at nothing to get her back. As I’m sure is conveyed by that little synopsis, the plot is quite action-packed. Expect lots of epic showdowns, and the violence that comes along with them. Nothing was overdone, and there is plenty of comic relief. Some coarse language, but again in well-balanced moderation. The characters were my favourite part, and after finishing the full series yesterday, I can honestly say I will miss them. Overall, Maximum Ride is very well done, and it's not a story I’ll soon forget. 4/5-@storygirl of the Hamilton Public Library’s Teen Review Board