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Rowley Jefferson's Awesome Friendly AdventureKinney, JeffBookJ KIN
Anxious PeopleBackman, FredrikBookF BAC
Anxious PeopleBackman, FredrikLarge PrintLT F BAC
The Bad Guys in Dawn of the UnderlordBlabey, AaronBookJ BLA
Indians on VacationA NovelKing, ThomasBookF KIN
Diary of A Wimpy Kid: Double DownKinney, JeffBookJ KIN
Diary of A Wimpy KidWrecking BallKinney, JeffBookJ KIN
The Bad Guys in The One?!Blabey, AaronBookJ BLA
Diary of A Wimpy Kid: The GetawayKinney, JeffBookJ KIN
The Bad Guys in The Baddest Day EverBlabey, AaronBookJ BLA
Diary of An Awesome Friendly KidRowley Jefferson's JournalKinney, JeffBookJ KIN
5 More Sleeps 'til ChristmasFallon, JimmyBookP FAL
Diary of A Wimpy KidThe Deep EndKinney, JeffBookJ KIN
The Cool BeanJohn, JoryBookP JOH
Diary of A Wimpy KidGreg Heffley's JournalKinney, JeffBookJ KIN
Bad Kitty Joins the TeamBruel, NickBookJ BRU
Diary of A Wimpy KidRodrick RulesKinney, JeffBookJ KIN
Margret & H.A. Rey's Hooray for Halloween, Curious GeorgeRey, MargretBookP REY
Thea Stilton and the Race for the GoldStilton, TheaBookSERIES J GER
Wayside School Beneath the Cloud of DoomSachar, LouisBookJ SAC
Mrs. Bacon Is Fakin'!Gutman, DanBookSERIES J MWS
The Willoughbys ReturnLowry, LoisBookJ LOW
A Promise of AnklesMcCall Smith, AlexanderBookF MCC
Diary of A Wimpy KidThe Third WheelKinney, JeffBookJ KIN
Stella Endicott and the Anything-is-possible PoemDiCamillo, KateBookJ DIC
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