Maximum Ride

the Angel Experiment
Max, Fang, Iggy (14), Nudge (11), Gazzy or the Gasman (8) and Angel (6) are living proof of an experiment with avian DNA. 98% percent human, 2% bird, complete with wings. They were raised in a horrific lab the call the school. Tortured, experimented on, and forced to live in a dog crate. But 4 years ago, Jeb, one of the white coats, helped them escape this prison. now they live in a faraway safe house. But one day, Jeb vanishes without a trace. Now they have they have to fight for themselves with Max as there leader. After the youngest member of the flock, Angel, gets kidnapped by Erasers (wolf human mutants), the flock goes on an adventure to save Angel that could risk the life of others. Thank you so much for reading!!!! Rate 5 stars!! Oh and keep reading maximum ride hehe